About Mounir Samuel

Mounir Samuel (1989) is a multidisciplinary artist, renown journalist, author and cultural entrepreneur working on the crossroads of politics, religion, climate, media, culture, art, language and geography.

Working from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Mounir is both Dutch and Egyptian. Moving through the world with a broad set of – to many opposing set of – identities, he not only advocates the full embrace of one’s multiple identities but moreover transcend them.

Mounir has written more than a dozen books; from fiction to non fiction, poetry to essays. In his work he addresses a wide variety of themes, always stressing their interaction. Mounir deals with the major questions of the day and advocates social justice and radical change. He has been a frequent guest in all sorts of talkshows on radio and television in both the Netherlands and Belgium. He has also hosted his own TV show de Nieuwe Wereld (“the New World”) and made several tv documentaries such as De Vrijheid van Tahrir: de revolutie van de jeugd (“The freedom of Tahrir: the revolution of the youth”).

Mounir Samuel studied political science, international relations & diplomacy, Middle Eastern studies and Islamic law at University of Leiden and UC San Diego. He works as a trainer, coach, motivational speaker, host, performance artist and more.

© Picture by Johannes Abeling, 2021

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